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Health Benefits of Real Olive Oil

Our exceptionally pure and rare organic Super Extra Virgin Olive Oil (SEVOO), harvested by hand in the steep Andalusian hills, is much more than just a fantastic addition to your culinary repertoire. If you can’t eat your salad today with that good dash of olive oil just, have a sip of your oil and make […]

very old – very alive

I need to share what I saw in the garden today. When we fail to see any overground signs of life it is difficult for us to imagine that an olive tree like the one in the picture is still alive. In the form of wrinkles, lines and twisted knots its trunk shows the passage […]

acebuche – wild olives – the mother of them all

As every other food we consume, the olive tree (olea europaea) also has a wild and untamed predecessor that was cultivated over millennia to yield bigger fruits, unfortunately losing some of its original flavour along the process. The olive tree originated about 30 million years ago in what is now known as the eastern mediterranean […]