la manzanilla – the queen of the table

La Manzanilla is a special variety of the olive tree. It produces the fruit of the same name.
It is not known where the name really comes from, perhaps the shape of the fruit or the color of it in the early phase of maturation reminds us of a small apple, “manzanilla” being a diminutive form of “manzana”, apple.

This olive is, without a doubt, the variety that, due to its characteristics, is best suited to be marinated, seasoned or pickled (read more about marinating olives).
Being the Manzanilla from Álora in the Malaga province – the only one with a designation of origin, Manzanilla aloreña – it is grown in many places in the Sierra de Cádiz, and extends throughout Andalusia. The name varies between villages and the taste picks up a slightly different nuance from wherever it grows.

The tree has an open shape and it somewhat resembles that of weeping willows The fruit on the branch is presented in the form of clusters, ripens early and is quite easy to harvest. In our garden this is always done by hand so that the olives are not damaged.
It is an olive that sweetens quickly, it loses its bitterness easily with marinating preparations, that is.
Its taste is pleasant and intense, slightly reminiscent of grass and almonds.

In the province of Cádiz there is rarely an occasion without a plate of manzanilla on the table, often accompanied by a glass of the famed white sherry that is grown and aged close to the atlantic, in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, This sherry, astonishingly, also is called Manzanilla, but this is another story.

This pairing of mountain and sea is best experienced in the presence of some friends, accompanied by real olive oil and some flamenco.

If we managed to incite your senses, we´d be glad to welcome you to one of our tastings – request an invitation.