REVOLT RACERS is a very simple 100% analogous game. You just need a sheet of paper to draw a race track (or download one of our R-E-V-O-L-T tracks further down) and a coloured pencil for each racer.


See the explanations on the image for details.

1 Decisions shall be made collectively – discuss (but don’t fight about) how long a shot was or if a racer just crashed – be nice and treat the other racers the way you would wish them to treat you.

2 Play rock-paper-scissors to find out who starts. Place your mark anywhere on the starting line.

3 How do I shoot? Place your coloured pencil upright on your mark. Then start to tilt it until it loses grip and slips away, leaving a straight line on the paper.

4 How long is a shot? We recommend that a shot ends where it leaves the last discernible mark, which, of course, is always a bit up to discussion.

5 What is a crash? When your line clearly passes through the black outline of the track, you crash. If you just touch the border and your line ends inside the track you are fine. We mark every crash with a sign (mainly because it looks funky). When you crash you miss a turn. Note: you cannot crash with another player.

6 What are the green spots? These are oil spills. When your shot ends inside one of these spots you make no move and start from the same position in the next round. If your shot goes right through the oil spill you are OK.

7 Who wins? Whoever is in the lead after one of the players passes the finish line and the last shot of this round is played. Note: when you crash after passing the finish line your opponents that come after you in the same round have two more shots.