By saving old olive trees and the local traditions, we of course have amazing olive oil at our disposal each year.

Apart from being 100% “real”, our oil is, as is our philosophy, made from old trees only, which is a completely different game in part because of the much richer taste.

The olives arrive at the mill a maximum of three hours after the harvest and are pressed at the lowest possible temperature by mechanical means only.

The oil is the local traditional blend of manzanilla, hojiblanca and some lechín and has a fruity smell, fresh and green with that certain bitterness and pungency on the tongue that is the prove that all the polyphenols and oleic acids, these very powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive and anti-cancer agents that make olive oil healthy, still are present in great quantities. This characteristic slightly spicy and bitter taste evolves over the year into a complexity of layers of subtle flavors.

If you are only used to mass produced oil, our green gold treasure is sure to surprise you.


Isn’t it strange that wherever one digs beneath the surface there are weird and incredible things to be discovered?
Did you realise, for example, that just one fifth of the olive oil produced in Italy is actually Italian? Oil from throughout the Mediterranean is used in this Italian trickery. Hazelnut, sunflower and other oils are used to boost production while chlorophyll is sometimes added to impart the oil’s characteristic greenish colour. And Italy is not alone when it comes to tampering with olive oil production. The others do their own f*cking up too.

And the industry always needs more! So Andalusian farmers are now ripping out century-old olive trees and replacing them with genetically engineered varieties that give higher yields – even if these are of lesser quality – destroying the precious ecosystems of the old groves along the way.
Herbicides and pesticides have to be used and heavy compacting machinery is fighting erosion in what once was a blossoming wonderland. Just imagine: road rollers in an olive orchard!
So we came up with the fantabulous idea of saving these ancient olive groves, making oil from their trees alone and paying our local olive farmers their fair share.

The olive is a perishable fruit, sensitive to oxygen, light and heat. Just as an apple starts to turn brown once it’s cut and the process of spoilage begins, the olive starts to degrade as soon as it’s harvested. This means it is key to process the olives immediately. For most of the producers a harvest-to-press time of 24 hours is fast. Our olives are at the mill a maximum of three hours after their harvest, ensuring that none of its unique phenols – which make olive oil so good for your health – are lost.
That’s the reason why it’s spicy and full of character. Just like you.

To be very clear: the agro industry´s poisoned produce come with no warning labels, while wholesome and uncontaminated products, like our own, have to be labelled ‘Bio’, ‘Eco’ or ‘Organic’.
It’s totally nonsensical. Which is why, seeing that we are a serious company, we call it REAL OLIVE OIL.