the actual olives (these may have been eaten already)

Subscribe to adopt an old olive tree and receive 12 litres of the healthiest olive oil from Andalusia once a year.

The REVOLT Olive Oil Subscription offers access to Extra Virgin Olive Oils of limited availability and from old trees only, sourced by REVOLT founders Ana Garcia and Michael Stor.
Our oils are always harvested early meaning they are fruity with a fresh and green smell, and that certain bitterness and pungency on the tongue which is the sign of a high level of healthy polyphenols.

Members annually receive twelve litres of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in four airtight and lightproof paper carton boxes of 3 litres each as well as some goodies delivered to their doorstep.

Extra Virgin Suicide – a New York Times opinion piece in cartoon form by Nicolas Blechman on how freaked out the olive oil business can be – may serve as a shortcut to why our project matters.

Current REVOLT membership oil

Farmer : José García
Producer: Almazara el Manzanillo S.L.
Variety: Hojiblanca & Manzanilla
Origin: El Gastor / Serranía de Cadiz
Harvest: October 2021

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Revolt Oil is not just a fantastic product.
It´s a reminder how we should treat the planet and the people who work the fields.
And it makes a great gift for any occasion.

Join our project so we can let you know about oil, olives and other food from Andalusian farmers that we seasonally have on offer as well as about the tastings we irregularly organise.



Health Benefits of Real Olive Oil

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the actual olives (these may have been eaten already)
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