All over the world, our way of life is leaving its devastating marks, forcing traditional local farmers into a game of higher production for less revenue, a game the farmers cannot win. The decline of our ecosystems and their biodiversity, triggered primarily by industrial agriculture and its suicidal implications, is putting our survival on this planet at grave risk.

Large swaths of land, once fertile and rich, are being turned into monocultures that are incapable of sustaining the local ecosystems which are so important in maintaining the delicate equilibrium of the dance of life.

In Andalusia, this issue is having a devastating effect on the olive tree. Olives are one of the most important crops in the Mediterranean and central to the region’s cultural DNA. Now olive farmers are tearing out centuries-old olive trees, replacing them with young hybrid varieties to boost production in a desperate bid to cater to the growing and unsustainable demands of a consumer market gone mad.

Since these new, genetically modified varieties have to be sprayed with pesticides, the result is a monoculture barren of all wildlife and soils that will now continuously degrade for the years to come as the fertile topsoil is lost to erosion and the land turned into a desert where eventually nothing will grow.

It is important to know, especially in times of accelerating climate change and a heating up of our atmosphere, that the south of Spain serves as a buffer zone protecting us against the desertification of the continent. Once Andalusia turns into wasteland, large areas of Europe will soon follow.

The good news, however, is that these fatal developments can be halted and reversed, giving the ecosystem a breath and the saviour a tasty compensation.

Adopt a tree, make a subscription and enjoy the fruits of your land worked by people who really care.

Since trees, naturally, vary in output from year to year and depending on their size, we established a sponsorship for one old olive tree with € 330,– including VAT per year, the returns of which, in the form of olive oil, are 12 litres of pure pleasure. Marinated olives, patês and pestos will also be available.
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With the subscription fee, paid at the beginning of the growing season, you support the local farmer and his family to not only care for this old tree and save it from being cut down, thus giving us the very best, fresh, green golden olive oil.
You also aid in securing a dignified way for a family to sustain itself in a fashion that contributes positively to the land as well as to the local community.

Then, in November or December of that year, depending on the perfect time to harvest, you will find your personal olive oil on your doorstep.

Come for a visit. Settle down for a week or two in the region during our harvesting season and participate. We guarantee that you will have an extraordinary experience and work your physics.
The day starts at seven in the garden, still in the dark and pretty cold, laying nets and picking the olives by hand and with sticks. Then there is breakfast under an olive tree when the sun comes up at ten and by three we are in the village to have a wonderful lunch while probably conversing about our agujetas, the aching of every single muscle we possess.